Artenara, Gran Canaria

Canary Islands - Spain

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Complete your stay with an exclusive hiking tour!

Complete your stay with an exclusive hiking tour!

Gran Canaria is much more than sunny beaches…

ExtraArtenara and the rest of the island is full of energy. If you have already booked your stay in the Entrails of the Earth, you now have the opportunity to book an Exclusive guided tour completely personalized for you and your family or friends, adapting each route to your preferences and interests. (No crowded buses or rush stressful tours). We will show you the secret treasures of this volcanic Island: Geology, Archaeology, Botany, Ornithology, with more than 100 endemic species and subspecies of flora and fauna… some of which can only be found in this particular island. Its first inhabitant´s ancient culture, stories about its conquest war, pirates, real stories and other tales that walk through the legend side…

How to book it? Once you have booked your stay on our website, you will see some extras you can add, choose between “4 hours hiking tour” or “full day hiking tour” (8 or 10 hours approx.), as you prefer.The Official local Guide will contact you to arrange the day of the tour, meeting point and time, you will be able to choose the tour you prefer around the island.

The price includes: Oficcial Guide, insurance, water, picnic, optical gear (binoculars, telescope), transport, maps and field guides. 

… Is a miniature continent. Discover it!

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